Ollie Jones IV (Founder and President)

Ollie Jones IV has been married to his lovely wife Tracy for 17 years and has three wonderful children. Their 2nd daughter, Janae HOPE Jones, has Special Needs, as she was born with a very rare condition known as Arteriovenous or Arterial Venous Malformation (AVM), which led to Cerebral Palsy (CP). He has a business degree from Howard University and professional career and background in engineering and manufacturing.

In 2009, during Janae’s second set of orthopedic surgeries to correct her hips, scissoring and tightness in her hamstrings, adductors and heal cords, Ollie felt an overpowering need to become more proactive in her physical development. He decided to utilize his business, engineering and manufacturing skills to design a line of therapy & durable medical equipment (DME) to assist Janae and others with physical and developmental disabilities.

Janae is the inspiration of Ollie’s current companies & projects:
• President & Founder of Janae Designs, LLC (www.JanaeDesigns.com).
• President & Founder of Hope 4 Mobility, Inc. Nonprofit 501c3 Charity (www.hope4mobility.org).
• Blog Writer & Founder of “A Father & Daughter’s Special Needs Journey” (www.SpecialNeedsJourney.com).

Ollie’s continuous research & development into solutions to address the pains and issues that Janae and millions of other children & adults with developmental disabilities& mobility impairments have to endure led him to an amazing new invention. He realized that the solutions to the various conditions and stages required multiple Durable Medical Equipment (DME) which is very expensive and cost prohibitive for most families. This led him to design and develop a 15-in-1, one-size-fits-all, multi-purpose, modular, transformer-style DME & Physical Therapy Device that will significantly reduce the cost and hence the access to many more families who could not afford to purchase the individual DMEs. However, to bring the design to fruition will require “Angel” investor type support and funding (email Ollie@JanaeDesigns.com for more information on how to help).

Ollie understands that every single child in this world is precious and special to God and that each one of them has a purpose in life. One of Janae’s purpose is to bring the best out of her father and to help other children and their families through his inventions, non-for-profit organization, charity endeavors and their story/blog.